Less than two weeks later, a double decker bus owned by Megabus, crashed on a toll road in Hammond, Ind. Eighty passengers were aboard the bus traveling from Indianapolis to Chicago. No injuries were reported. The fund is private equity like with a maturity of five years plus two one year extension options (by the manager). The investment period is three years after which no reinvestments will be allowed. We expect the average life of Opportunities 1 to be about four years.

The pleasant dynamics are capped off by a typically high quality Mazda interior. Even though the badge on the wheel is from Toyota, and the gauges and infotainment have been given a palette swap from red and white to blue, there's no hiding the Mazda roots. In fact, the interior is pretty much identical to that of the CX 3, just with less color. Cheap football Jerseys

How dense is the quality taco scene in the Tampa Bay area? Dense enough that I have only been to one of the places on Laura's list. Near my office in downtown St. Petersburg, http://www.cheapjerseysnflnike.com/ it's a near total reliance on Red Mesa's brand and Casita Taqueria's corn tortillas, so I was happy to see places in Pinellas Park and Land O'Lakes make the cut..

I feel as an American I should be able to smoke if I want to."The way cigarette prices are right now, it just had to happen is now home to its first automated cigarette roller machine, where you can get a cigarette for about 10 cents. That right cents. The equivalent to a pack would be a little over $2.

Great Value Hotel Victoria Golf Beach Resort: Duffers flock to this lakeside Puerto Plata resort, which straddles several holes of a Trent Jones designed golf course. Fairly intimate by all inclusive standards with 190 rooms and personalized attention, it marries Victorian style to contemporary convenience. (Make sure to fly into the airport closest to your destination, as the DR is a big country.) Expect abundant route options and competitive rates, thanks in no small part to the advent of service there by JetBlue in 2004.

At 1 am, Burrito Boy was still half full: couples stopping in for to go orders, a table of students and us. Seeking the answer to whiskey sours on an empty stomach, I ordered the $4.75 Carne Asada Boy Burrito, one of my favorite items. The burrito, filled with small slices of steak tossed with cilantro and onion, beans, rice and cheese, was freshly made and delicious..

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) Spring break isn that far off. Many will be spending more cash for gas this year. And those that commonly drive to spring break are college students. We never felt sorry for ourselves living in such sparse surroundings. All our neighbors and friends and family were in the same situation. We were a happy bunch who enjoyed each other and what we had.